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Senior Data Scientist (m/f/d)
Aktualität: 21.01.2022


21.01.2022, Lufthansa Technik AG
Senior Data Scientist (m/f/d)
We have an ML Ops production setup with a state of the art analytics stack in the GCP where you'll find all the resources that your model needs: distributed calculation engines, cloud based ML trainings and notebooks, an AI platform. We've left migrations and technical debt behind. Our Data Scientists spend their time doing what they love most: solving hard predictive maintenance problems using the latest Data Science tools. We do Machine Learning in a real time production environment. If you're done with machine learning MVPs and want to leave the notebooks on your laptop behind, let us know.
Completed university / technical college degree in mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science or a related subject At least 4 years of experience in the area of Data Science Knowledge of advanced statistics, Machine Learning and models such as Gradient Boosted Trees, Regression, SVMs, Neural Networks, Outlier Detection, Bayesian Networks, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Changepoint Detection Substantial experience in Python and the application of state of the art libraries, e.g sklearn, numpy, pandas, tensorflow, keras, pytorch Knowledge of development environments such as Jupyter, PyCharm, GIT, CLI Experience with container solutions, e.g. OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes and cloud platforms (Azure / AWS / GCP) Knowledge of unit testing, integration testing, CD/CI, build pipelines